Great Security Products Think 4bi

4b Industries Limited, known as 4bi operates throughout the UK. Originally set up to provide corporate partners and others with white labelled and own brand security offerings 4bi has grown into a significant yet quite different force in the UK security sector. It now provides a broad range of security services through a wide variety of relationships.

Our overriding goal is to make high quality professionally installed, monitored and maintained security affordable to all.

We have programmes specifically designed for a wide variety of organisations including: Insurance Companies, Brokers, Banks, Building Societies, Financial services institutions as well as Utility providers and Charities.

4bi is the administrative and engineering provider behind the Crime Reduction Unit a Community Interest Company specifically focused on providing Small & Medium sized premises security through the Business Crime Reduction Unit (BCRU) and Affordable Home Security and Care products through the Social Crime Reduction Unit (SCRU).

If you are considering entering the UK security market then we would very much like to talk with you.